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Sri-Lanka-August-September 2017

Sri Lanka August-September 2017

A Holiday for the Soul After an extremely busy year, we both felt like we needed a total break. Unusually for us, we decided not to organise an active holiday. Instead, this holiday was going to be about relaxation and restoring our mental and physical well-being. We chose Reddot Tours and in consultation with them

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Irakaya Farm 7-3-20

Somedays you get lucky. I have to confess to feeling a little bleary eyed this morning, so when I arrived at the farm and could see no raptors in the air I thought it was going to be a quiet day. I needn’t have worried. I’ve got a route that I usually follow but today

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Madrid-February – March-2020

A Weekend in Madrid

Madrid February – March 2020 I’ve always wanted to watch the Real Madrid v Barcelona match and this year I was lucky enough to bag a couple of tickets for the game. I’ve been to Madrid before, but that was in the hot summer months, so I was looking forward to discovering what a winter

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February in Sofia

As is our habit, we generally travel to somewhere cold in February. This year, we decided on Sofia, Bulgaria. Our plan was to spend four days in the capital, and as usual we spent a lot of our time walking around the city. We averaged between 15km and 20km each day. Walking is definitely the

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Irkhaya Farm 22-2-20

Irkhaya Farm 22-2-20 Today’s visit was quieter than normal with only one Harrier quartering the fields. There have recently been five or six of these birds in the air, as well as significant numbers of kestrels. Today’s visit was quieter than normal with only one Harrier quartering the fields. There are often five or six

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Irkhaya Farm 7-2-20

The weather was bright and breezy as I arrived at the Farm.  After the last visit when I saw numerous Golden Eagles soaring in the afternoon thermals, I was hopeful of seeing some eagles. There were none to be seen, although there were plenty of Harriers as usual. This day was dominated by the Kestrel

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India Golden Triangle

India Golden Triangle We usually fly out of Qatar during February. For the longest time I’d wanted to visit India, having grown up with the amazing imagery from films like Passage to India and the TV series The Jewel in the Crown. Although I’m not misty eyed imperialist hankering after a lost empire — in

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February in Budapest

February in Budapest When you live in a hot country, especially if you’re from a Northern European country like the UK, you hanker after a taste of winter. Each February we take a short trip somewhere cold. It’s great to feel the nip of cold air on your face and see your breath steaming in

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Doha Life

The capital city of Qatar offers plenty of photography opportunities. Whether you enjoy cityscapes, street photography, good food, unbroken blue skies, summer heat or mind bending architecture – there’s something here for you. Islam Qatar is a conservative, Islamic country. Having said that, Qatar adheres to the customary Arabic tradition of hospitality. Guests to the

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I have lived in Qatar for the past four years and am now looking forward to coming home. Photographing birds in Qatar is challenging, and the best place to do so is on one of the farms. Here, hundreds of birds pass through during the migration season (March, April and May).

Pallid Harrier

Isabelline Wheatear

European Stonechat