September 2020


Irakaya Farm 21-9-2020

After the failure to obain access to the Farm on Friday, I thought I’d drive down after work today and see if it I could get in. I’m glad I did because there was a lot going on. I’d only previously visited the farm during the peak migration period from… Read More >Irakaya Farm 21-9-2020


India Golden Triangle

We usually fly out of Qatar during February. For the longest time I’d wanted to visit India, having grown up with the amazing imagery from films like A Passage to India and the TV series The Jewel in the Crown. Although I’m not a misty eyed imperialist hankering after a… Read More >India Golden Triangle


Irakaya Farm and Karaana Lagoons 18-09-20

My wife departed for the UK today, so in an effort to remain busy I decided to pay a first post-lockdown visit to the Farm. Unfortunately the gate was locked. I am unclear whether this is a new development or whether this was just early on a Friday morning. I’ll… Read More >Irakaya Farm and Karaana Lagoons 18-09-20