Adam is a British photographer, writer and health care executive. He currently works in Qatar, although his home is in South Wales, UK.

Adam is happily married to Anna and they have four grown up children. He is looking forward to a time when he can devote more of his attention to the causes and interests that inspire him.

Birds have always been a part of my life. As a boy, I first became fascinated by them when my father was posted to Gibraltar. A friend and I had a pair of  old binoculars between and the Observer Book of Birds. We slowly learnt to identify the birds we encountered. A memorable highlight was standing on the top of the Rock and watching hundreds of raptors soaring low over the sea towards as they flew along their migration route from Africa into Europe. In one afternoon we counted 20,000 buzzards.’

Adam writes and publishes poetry and blogs at Adam’s Birder Life.


Email: adam@birderlife.com

Twitter: @adamcairnsuk

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