Creatures of the Desert Lagoon

I’ve been coming to Karaana Lagoons for as while now, and I travelled to Karaana Lagoons today to see how the site has developed over the summer. It remains a perplexing location. Several kilometres west of Irakaya Farm, you have to double back on yourself to gain access. There are… Read More >Creatures of the Desert Lagoon

Irakaya Farm -Qatar's-Secret-Garden

Qatar’s Secret Garden

I’ve been a frequent visitor to Irakaya Farm for many months now. In his post I would like to dwell on its significance to the expatriate birder, and on its importance to Qatar as a precious natural resource. From the Desert, A Garden Driving out from Doha on the Salwa… Read More >Qatar’s Secret Garden


Irakaya Farm 21-9-2020

After the failure to obain access to the Farm on Friday, I thought I’d drive down after work today and see if it I could get in. I’m glad I did because there was a lot going on. I’d only previously visited the farm during the peak migration period from… Read More >Irakaya Farm 21-9-2020