Jazirat bin Ghanim (Purple Island) and Fuwiarit Beach 31-1-20

We drove up the west coast of Qatar to visit Fuwairit Beach. Turtles come ashore here in the breeding season, but today we were just in search of an alternative place for a Friday walk. Friday’s are a good day to be out and about, because the roads are generally… Read More >Jazirat bin Ghanim (Purple Island) and Fuwiarit Beach 31-1-20



Arrival — A Poem Handholds worn smooth, an old boat rolls on the swell. Black hair, tattoo-man gestures — the sound of surf  and short, shaved-head man shouts something rough,  stabs an ugly glance at everyone huddled looking back. Above the boat, a quarter moon declines towards the sea and… Read More >Arrival

Irkhaya Farm 25-1-20

Irkhaya Farm is another of Qatar’s wildlife secrets. It sits unpromisingly on the perimeter of a sand processing factory and you approach it down an unmade road. A guard sits in a cabin beside the locked gate and by means of a mime involving binoculars and a bird watching book,… Read More >Irkhaya Farm 25-1-20


First Visit To Karaana Lagoons

After driving an hour from home, Waze took me to a roundabout off the Salwa Road about 60km from Doha. There are no signs to the lagoons and you must pass over a second roundabout then turn left onto an access road. The entrance is on your right which is… Read More >First Visit To Karaana Lagoons

What Are the-best-time-management-tools?

What Are The Best Time Management Tools?

Post management tools menu  Review of sixty top time management apps and software by category   You want to make the best use of your time. You reckon technology can help you. But where do you start? Categories Meeting and Video Chat Apps Team Chat Apps Team Project Management Apps… Read More >What Are The Best Time Management Tools?


Why Doing The Right Thing Is Its Own Reward

In September 1961, Pat Quinlan, then aged 42 and Commandant of ‘A’ Company of the 35th Irish Battalion, looked out on the small mining town of Jadotville in the Congo.  He and the 156 men under his command were part of a U.N. peace-keeping mission.  The U.N. had tasked Quinlan… Read More >Why Doing The Right Thing Is Its Own Reward