How To Be The Most Successful Writer Possible

When you read back what you’ve written, do you ever hear a voice in your head? If you’re worried this might lead a group of white-coated docs to your door… relax. Not those kinds of voices… I’m talking about The Narrator. The Narrator I think we’ve all got one. It’s the… Read More >How To Be The Most Successful Writer Possible


Are You A Lark Or An Owl?

I’m trying to squeeze more writing hours into my day. I work full time so I reckon there are two choices. Before work or after work. I read around and find there’s a kind of cult out there about becoming a winner by getting up before you go to bed.… Read More >Are You A Lark Or An Owl?


Too Busy To Write? — Try This

Sometimes it feels like I’m too busy to write. It’s a painful truth I’m discovering about writing while holding down a day job. Maybe I should grow a pointy beard and join the circus?  The problem we plate spinners have is that there’s always something else to do. In fact, I’ve a… Read More >Too Busy To Write? — Try This


Which Apps For Writing A Book?

Which apps for writing a novel? That was one of the first search queries I ran when starting my novel By Virtue Fall. Trouble is, all the time you spend testing out the different options is time you’re not spending writing your book. So I’m sharing my setup in the… Read More >Which Apps For Writing A Book?