Irkhaya Farm 7-2-20

Irkhaya Farm 8-2-20 The weather was bright and breezy as I arrived at the Farm.  After the last visit when I saw numerous Golden Eagles soaring in the afternoon thermals, I was hopeful of seeing some eagles. There were none to be seen, although there were plenty of Harriers as usual. This day was dominated … Read more

Jazirat bin Ghanim (Purple Island) and Fuwiarit Beach 31.1.20

Jazirat bin Ghanim and Fuwairit Beach 31-01-20 We drove up the west coast of Qatar to visit Fuwairit Beach. Turtles come ashore here in the breeding season, but today we were just in search of an alternative place for a Friday walk. Friday’s are a good day to be out and about, because the roads … Read more

Irkhaya Farm 25-1-20

Irkhaya Farm is another of Qatar’s wildlife secrets. It sits unpromisingly on the perimeter of a sand processing factory and you approach it down an unmade road. A guard sits in a cabin beside the locked gate and by means of a mime involving binoculars and a bird watching book, you establish you’re here for … Read more