Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

Irakaya Farm -Qatar's-Secret-Garden

Qatar’s Secret Garden

I’ve been a frequent visitor to Irakaya Farm for many months now. In his post I would like to dwell on its significance to the expatriate birder, and on its importance to Qatar as a precious natural resource. From the Desert, A Garden Driving out from Doha on the Salwa… Read More >Qatar’s Secret Garden


Irakaya Farm and Karaana Lagoons 18-09-20

My wife departed for the UK today, so in an effort to remain busy I decided to pay a first post-lockdown visit to the Farm. Unfortunately the gate was locked. I am unclear whether this is a new development or whether this was just early on a Friday morning. I’ll… Read More >Irakaya Farm and Karaana Lagoons 18-09-20